2018-03-01 - Dune-Technology Heavy-Duty Service Container for Toyota Hilux Revo

Dune-Technology Heavy-Duty Service Container for Toyota Hilux Revo

Ideal solution for professionals

At a customer’s request, Dune-Technology has prepared a new version of the D-T Heavy-Duty Service Container for the Toyota Hilux Revo.

To meet customer's requirements, we have prepared a higher version of the container, which enables the transport of larger objects and enables work to be comfortably carried out under the open flaps. These flaps also serve as a roof, a feature which is highly appreciated in bad weather.

Dune-Technology presents ideal solution for professionals. Toyota Hilux Revo with D-T Heavy-Duty Service Container is a perfect solution for professionals, especially those who work in mountains or in difficult road conditions. With this solution, you have all advantages of a service van combined with unbitable off-road performance of Toyota Hilux Revo, additionally with capacity to tow a 3.5t trailer.
Dune-Technology Hilux Revo Heavy-Duty Service Container is a highly robust aluminum structure representing the highest craftsman quality, designed to last for years.
Big openings of door panels with additional flexible seals guaranteeing sealed connection in open position, not only providing comfortable access to cargo space, but additionally can be used as extendable roof providing shelter in case of necessity of work in unfavorable weather condition.
Dune-Technology is providing a wide range of equipment and accessories designed for Hilux Revo D-T Heavy-Duty Service Container, including workshop interior finishing with Dune-Technology Flexi Service Van Solution.
Dune-Technology Hilux Revo D-T Heavy-Duty Service Container was developed by Dune-Technology and is introduced on the Swiss and Liechtenstein market in cooperation with its business partner Schlossgarage Lampert AG.
Unique methodology of design and customized production system of Dune-Technology allows us to prepare and manufacture customized versions reflecting specific industrial needs, even if it requires modifications major dimensions.
We invite all customers from Swiss and Liechtenstein market to contact our business partner:

Schlossgarage Lampert AG
Zollstrasse 1
FL-9490 Vaduz
Tel. +423 375 10 10

Customers from international markets, please contact directly Dune-Technology
e-mile: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel: +41 79 50 83 252