2018-11-27 - Energie Halter company chose Dune-Technology products

Energie Halter company chose Dune-Technology products

We are pleased to inform that Dune-Technology solutions - Flexi Service Van Solution - were chosen by Halter AG company to be the best fit for the company.

Dune-Technology prepared professional equipment for Service Van - Ford Transit.
Due to specific requirements of highly specialized services offered by the company, many customizations were required to allow convenient storage and easy access to bulky and heavy tools. E.g. special sliding platforms and long drawers with high load capacity.

Ford Transit vehicles were equipped with:
- Dune-Technology modular storage system (Flexi Service Van Solution)
- Dune-Technology Flexi Service Van Solution workbench with integrated modules, sliding platform and a long drawer with high load capacity
- Floor panel with integrated rails
- Cargo space protection system
The project has been executed in cooperation with our distribution partner:

Schlossgarage Lampert AG
Zollstrasse 1
FL-9490 Vaduz
Tel: +423 375 10 10
Fax: +423 375 10 19