Special Purpose Vehicles
Dune-Technology is offering customized solutions in automotive niche. Starting from developing and producing small elements, through specialized solutions to be installed in cars up to production of Special Purpose Vehicle's on base delivered by customer. Due to well established network of highly specialized partners in Europe we are able to build almost any vehicle you can imagine, starting from service van through expedition cars, ambulances up to armored cars and conference busses and mobile medical centers.
Dune-Technology is focusing on every project individually guaranteeing highest possible quality of product and services at competitive price.
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Customized Elements & Accessories
  • - Specialized accessories
  • - Car furniture
  • - Service van equipment & furniture
  • - Camping car furniture and equipment
  • - Ambulance furniture
  • - Winch mounting plates
Special Purpose Vehicle
  • - Expedition cars
  • - Camping
  • - 4X4 modifications
  • - 4X4 cross country, trophy and trial cars
  • - 4X4 rescue cars & 4X4 ambulances
  • - Security service cars / Police cars
  • - Armored personal carriers
  • - Armored Vans
  • - Mobile business centers, vans and buses
  • - Mobile medical centers
  • - Public service vans
  • - Service vans
  • - Gastronomic service van and trailers
Dune-Technology is offering overhaul and renovations of older versions of cars used for professional applications (life extension).


Nothing is impossible. If you have any idea of Special Purpose Vehicle,

please contact us, lets see what we can do for you.